Orlando Holiday Party
                                                                             A Birchmore Group Company


Synthetic Ice Rink Rental Package Includes:

  • Synthetic Rink Floor
  • Glide Enhancer for surface
  • Custom Modular Dasher Board Railing. (4 sides)
  • Appropriate Amount of Rental Skates For Rink Size
  • Rubber Matting For Skate Change Area
  • Rental Skate Rack
  • General Carpentry and finishing of the rink perimeter
  • Liability Waiver & Incident Report Templates
  • Liability Reduction Signage
  • Delivery & Installation / Removal & Return Transportation
  • On Site Skate Sharpening
  • Operations for the day of skating with uniformed staff
  • 2-8 Foot Benches for skate change area
  • OPTIONAL: Sound/Lighting, Logo Branding, Entertainment, Real Snow, Tenting...



Synthetic Ice Requirements:

  • Flat surface that is level to a ¼ inch tolerance from one side to the other.
  • OPTIONAL - Tent structure to cover rink and/or skate change area, etc.
  • Any and all temporary construction, ramping, railings, etc. in order for skaters and spectators to properly and safely access the event and the general surrounds. Including ADA compliance requirements.
  • Identified parking in close proximity to the rink for Supplier’s personnel.
  • All holiday decorations.
  • Sound system with appropriate music selections and microphone for announcements. (unless sound package purchased)
  • Any cosmetic enhancement of the outside perimeter of the rink and surrounds.
  • Table / counter for skate distribution and return.
  • Please allow for up to 4 hours for installation and 2 hours for dismantling
  • Minimum 4 ft door – preferably double doors into installation area.
  • Does not include labor for installation with a need to carry up any stairs.